"...outstanding guide and teacher. Even though we only scratched the surface of his backcountry knowledge in a half day tour, I learned so much.  ...very professional, and enjoyable to talk to, which made the day even better."

  • TJ P. (1/2-day guiding in Mar. 2014)

"...great guide and teacher on my first splitboarding (trip)."

  • Jasmine C. (Full-day guiding, Mar. 2014)

" of those instructors who can teach very well, but doesn't make it feel like you're in a lesson.  ...adapted the speed of our tour to make sure we were travelling at a comfortable pace -- it was not too fast nor too slow.  The day we spent ... was one of the highlights of our trip to SLC."

  • Rahul S. (Full-day guiding, Mar. 2014)

"...not only knowledgable, but excited to teach what he knew.  ...enthusiasm really made the experience."

"He was an excellent guide, and looking back on it, I'm very impressed at how perfectly he catered the tour to our exact needs/abilities so no one was bored or overwhelmed, and everyone left with an awesome experience."

  • Brian M. (Full-day guiding, Feb. 2011)

"...very knowledgable dude about splitboarding in general."

"...really good at explaining all the technical aspects of backcountry travel, route-finding, planning, and avalanche safety."

  • Brian Z. (Intro. touring day, Feb. 2014)

"Went on my first Splitboard outing with (SEC) over a year ago ... enthusiasm, knowledge of terrain, avalanche safety, and love of the backcountry got me hooked on getting out of the resort..."

  • Jack P. (1/2 day guiding, April 2014)

"...very knowledgeable and friendly, had a great time, wouldn't hesitate to hire again."

  • Jeff C. (Full day guiding, Dec. 2013)